Album Review of
You Are Literally A Metaphor

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 20, 2019 - 12:50am EDT
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Back in 2015, Consider The Source released World War Trio Part 1 and in currently in 2019, that very same band are back with a new full-length CD masterpiece called You Are Literally A Metaphor. Jazz-rock fans will be in orbit with this new CTS album, featuring guitarist Gabriel Marin and the rhythm section of Jeff Mann (drums, keys) and John Ferrara (bass). With the album very much conceived and written as a group effort, Marin’s guitar imagination does stand out, basking in the band’s RTF and Mahavishnu style fusion freak-outs to even more carefully detailed melodic guitar arrangements that sometimes evokes George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Being an all-instrumental album, those comparisons say a lot about the diversity of this unique and exciting NYC-based prog-jazz power trio. The credits also say that several tracks on the CD are based on Eastern European traditional melodies. Alight in the astounding, high-tech glow, the musical might of Consider The Source emerges fully formed on You Are Literally A Metaphor.