Album Review of
@Ventures in the Shadows

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 22, 2019 - 12:00am EDT
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The sound of surf-rock guitar instrumental music is back in style again with @ Ventures In The Shadows, the 2019 CD by Holland’s very cool guitar trio The Space Age Travellers. (Note the @ symbol in the title) According to the band, the 15 track CD owes a lot to 1960s guitar legends like The Ventures and The Shadows, yet other influences find their way into the mix including late great guitar pioneers Dick Dale and Link Wray as well as modern day players like Jeff Beck and guitar-noir mavens such as Ry Cooder, Marc Ribot, Jim Campilongo and Norwegian guitar ace Steinar Karlsen. To that mix of guitar heroes you can add in the name of guitarist and composer BJ Baartmans, leader and main composer of this cool new guitar discovery. If surf guitar instrumentals with a driving rock beat is your thing, give a listen to The Space Age Travellers - you won’t be disappointed.