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Written by Joe Ross
May 28, 2019 - 2:49pm EDT
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Melissa Ruth’s music is captivating, and she takes a visceral approach to writing, singing and playing rhythm guitar. Emotionally intense songs like “West,” “Goodbye Again,” “The Knot” and “Free Your Life” reflect on the complexities of her journeys, perspectives, challenges and cures. Packing a passionate punch, the album rewards listeners with songs that are concisely constructed. Ruth and her accomplices (Johnny Leal – guitar; Rick DeVol – bass; Simon Lucas – drums) clearly have blues influences but refuse to neatly fit into any one musical niche. Their brand of Americana (self-labelled “Doo-Wop Twang”) is structurally solid. Perhaps a few songs could’ve been enhanced with some vocal harmony and additional instrumentation (like pedal steel, organ, horns or fiddle), but Ruth doesn’t let commercial demands detract from her music as she hears it. Some concertina was added to “Broken Heart” to channel a bit of bayou country. A rootsy, powerful album, “Meteor” showcases Melissa Ruth’s soulful talent. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)