Album Review of
Hot Stuff (Live at the Red Dot)

Written by Joe Ross
June 5, 2019 - 1:51pm EDT
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Live albums are a great way to hear exactly what a band lays on the line at a gig.  Fronted by the versatile Jon "Jonny T-Bird" Neuberger (guitar, harmonica, vocals), this soulful band keeps the energy high for a raucous party. Recorded at the Red Dot (in Wauwatosa, WI) in 2017, their “hot stuff” is not only love (that they can’t get enough of) but also plenty of funk-tinged modern grooves and slower shuffles for us listeners. Some minor shortcomings are the result of this being a live recording, but the band has intensity and drive. Giving us a wide range of blues music and emotions, the group also includes “Cadillac" Craig Carter (bass), Danny Moore (keyboards) and Marcus "MG" Gibbons (drums). Other personnel occasionally sub as MPs (a reference to “Marinated Puppets,” an earlier band they had before this Milwaukee-based quartet was formed). “Cadillac” Carter sings a powerful lead on “Me & My Baby.” Other standout performances include Jonny T-Bird belting out “Stupid Cupid,” “Me & My Baby,” and “Woke Up This Morning,” as well as their more evocative slower-paced renditions of “Someday Baby” and “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)