Album Review of
Hybrid Hymns

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 12, 2019 - 3:28pm EDT
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Norwegian prog-rockers Professor Tip Top are back in the spotlight again with their early 2019 CD called Hybrid Hymns. In the spirit of the band’s 2017 album, Life Is No Matter, their 2019 album Hybrid Hymns contains a well done mix of progressive rock that spans both vocal and instrumental music genres. The four piece band features the music and guitars of Sam Fossbakk, Svein Magnar Hansen (vocals), Stein Høgseth (bass) and Charles Wise (drums). For the fifth Professor Tip Top album, the winning formula of Sam’s electric guitars and melodic ideas combine with Svein’s lyrics and vocals to create another modern day progressive rock masterpiece by this acclaimed Norwegian rock band. Music fans have compared Professor Tip Top to progressive music icons like Camel and Alan Parsons Project with other influences from the early 1970s Canturbury, England school of music and even ‘70s era Pink Floyd. Professor Tip Top's finest album yet, Hybrid Hymns is one of the most intriguing European prog-rock albums of 2019.