Album Review of
Good Sad News

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 25, 2019 - 4:58pm EDT
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Sometimes music can be like a flashback to a kinder, gentler time in history. Case in point is Good Sad News, the 2019 CD by Minnesota-based Doug Collins & The Receptionists. The ten-track CD clocks in just under a half an hour but it covers a wide range of music. Some of the signposts here are 1960s country music favorites like Buck Owens, Gram Parsons era Byrds and even later period 1950s rockers like Buddy Holly and Buddy Knox. Doug’s vocals and twangy guitars get great backup by a range of players, including the rhythm section of Charlie Varley (bass) and Billy Dankert (drums). There’s a definite 1959-1963 vibe of innocence to Good Sad News. A gifted band-leader, guitarist and songwriter, Doug Collins will leave you all misty-eyed with the retro country-rock vibe of Good Sad News. A fine choice for music lovers of all stripes, Good Sad News is tastefully packaged with memorable cover art.