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Written by Joe Ross
June 28, 2019 - 4:51pm EDT
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Little Sue’s captivating “Gold” is a nicely-arranged set of Americana outlaw country. Based in Portland, Or., Little Sue (Susannah Weaver) presents seven originals and a cover of Greg Lake’s “From the Beginning.” Her rootsy approach is heard in emotionally intense songs like “Here We Are,” “Mainline” “The Animals Know” and “Gold.” Reflecting on life’s difficulties and journeys, Little Sue gives us perspectives packed with passion. Straight-forward, concise messages are unique to her personality. For example, in “10-Foot Pole,” she sings “Someone should put you away, where you can’t ever play, with my heart anymore.” And, as the pedal steel and harmonica wail in “Homophily,” she reflects on a heart-piercing relationship despite her attraction to another’s song and similarities.  Enhanced with pleasing harmony and warm instrumentation, Little Sue’s structurally solid Americana is poignant and heart-tugging. Closing with “The Animals Know,” she gives us a reflective message calling for kindness, coexistence and humanity. “Gold” is a gripping performance of pure heart, body and soul. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)