Album Review of
The Countdown

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 5, 2019 - 5:00pm EDT
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NYC back in the late 1970s was a pretty heady place. Clubs like CBGB’s were hoppin’ and poppin’ to the sounds of the punk-rock invasion at the end of that post-Beatles decade and guitar ace Richard Lloyd was right in the middle of things, lending his fret-board skills to the band Television as well as playing and recording with numerous rockers and bands, including Matthew Sweet and John Doe. On his recent solo album The Countdown, Richard proves he’s lost none of his rock and roll guitar sound and swagger. With ten-tracks clocking in at just over 39 minutes, The Countdown is a back-to-the-basics, no-frills rock & roll winner packed with a solid musical punch and filled with lots of hooks and Richard’s solid electric guitar work. Backing him up in the studio are esteemed Nashville session players including Dave Roe (bass), Steve Ebe (drums) and Joe Bidewell—the latter playing with Richard as far back as 1980.  The front and back cover art features Richard’s own paintings. Richard Lloyd’s long-awaited comeback album, The Countdown is an entertaining set that skillfully mixes elements of guitar-centric garage-rock, soulful pop and electrifying power pop hooks. For a good indication of where he’s coming from on The Countdown, check out the scintillating powerful punk-rock sound of the blazing, CD-closing title track. Fans of Richard Lloyd’s early works with Television and beyond will flip for his latest rock tour-de-force.