Album Review of
Rain In Chicago

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 21, 2019 - 12:16am EDT
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Blues-rock continues to be a vital music sound and style all over the world. A good example of 21st century electric blues-rock from the U.K., the 2019 CD release of Rain In Chicago is a solid album by England’s 3 Times 7. Interesting name for a band and the album is a splendid showcase of singer Jenny Lawrence and guitarist David Holdstock. The guitar sound of Rain In Chicago is totally on fire and Jenny’s vocals are equally red-hot. Inspired by the band’s visit to the Windy City and the delta blues capital of New Orleans, the 12-track CD features a number of other musicians, including drummer Matt Ainsworth and a whole lot more. The CD is imaginatively packaged with humorous track-by-track notes. Rain In Chicago follows the band’s 2015 album Dirty Money. Hard-hitting blues rock with a belting vocalist and hard-hitting electric guitar sound, Rain In Chicago will knock-out blues-rock fans all over the world.