Album Review of
7 Cities

Written by Robert Silverstein
August 27, 2019 - 11:59pm EDT
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Having released several critically acclaimed EP titles over the past few years, Swedish blues-rocker Steve Future has truly released his most varied and accomplished album yet. With the deluxe CD and 2019 double vinyl LP release of the 18-track, 63 minute album 7 Cities, Sweden’s veteran singer-songwriter, guitarist and blues-harp virtuoso, presents a fantastic overview of his ongoing legacy—a sonic gift to rock and blues fans around the globe. Filled with a range of blues and rock sounds, Steve’s music will quickly find a home among fans of rock legends like the Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, John Mayall and modern blues-rockers such as Australia’s Gus McKay. Thanks to Steve Future’s excellent songs, vocals, and blues-harp playing, the all-original 7 Cities album establishes Steve Future as an excellent artist in his own right. Released as a deluxe CD and a double vinyl LP, 7 Cities features music from Steve’s EP releases It Takes Times, Four Cities and The 9 Others. Putting his recording career into a concise and timely retrospective on 7 Cities, Steve Future is truly on the leading edge of the 21st century blues and rock scene. 7 Cities was recorded in London, Stockholm, in Berlin's famous Hansa Studio and in various studios in the US. A modern day blues-rock masterpiece, 7 Cities finds the blues-rocker in the company of a stellar range of electric guitarists, drummers, backing vocalists and session musicians from Sweden and the US. Produced by Steve Future and Peter Melin, 7 Cities is primed with catchy pop-rock and hard-hitting blues-rock tracks spanning a wealth of musical genres.