Album Review of
Minus One

Written by Robert Silverstein
September 2, 2019 - 11:36pm EDT
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An interesting title that comes to us via Sweden’s Paraply Records as well as their Swedish-based associates, Ruth Records, Minus One introduces American ears to the music of Texas-based Faris Nourallah. Semi-orchestral pop, semi-acousticana the 14-track CD also combines Americana and folk-music within the context of a self-produced, self-performed pop-centric solo album. Faris was born in Michigan in 1969, so he came out of the post-Beatles era. Unknown to many, Faris has released 9 albums, starting in 2003 and that also includes a 2005 album called King Of Sweden (there's that Swedish connection again). The songs on Minus One dates back to 2005 and were recently rediscovered and thankfully finally released in 2019 on Paraply Records via Ruth Records. Fans of former Paraply recording artist Citizen K will enjoy the breadth and scope of Faris and his colorful and underrated brand of pop music. Fans of Ray Davies, Lou Reed, John Cale, Robert Wyatt and other prog-pop stars will also enjoy this left field, sleeper of an album release from Faris Nourallah.