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Written by Robert Silverstein
September 14, 2019 - 2:31pm EDT
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Born in Canada and based in the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, Melissa Ruth released Meteor is 2019. For fans of Americana and blues music, the eleven cut CD is a keeper. Written, arranged and produced by Melissa, Meteor delves into a range of sounds that expertly merges electric blues-rock and alt-rock capped off with a driving rock ‘n’ roll edge and in doing so she comes up with a winner of an album. A very cool discovery with a smoky, bluesy voice and Keith Richards inspired rhythm guitar style, Melissa gets solid support from her band, sounding on fire throughout the 11-cut CD. Backing up Melissa’s songs, rhythm guitars and vocals on Meteor are Johnny Leal (lead guitar), Rick DeVol (bass) and Simon Lucas (drums). There’s a supercharged air of tight, bluesy rock in play on just about every track on Meteor and the driving beat is a perfect setting for Melissa’s deep, dark lyrics, which are also printed in the CD booklet. Melissa cites Bob Dylan as a prime influence on her music and that similar high quality approach is reflected in her own music and words on Meteor.