Album Review of
While It Lasts

Written by Robert Silverstein
September 21, 2019 - 12:30am EDT
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Back in 2016, multi-instrumentalist Geoff Hall released Understanding The Signs and in 2019 he returns on record with While It Lasts. Geoff’s earlier release had no guitar on it, instead that album featured a mix of orchestral sounding keyboard music. In a musical twist of fate, Geoff gets back to his guitar roots on While It Lasts. The nine-track, 36-minute album features Geoff’s acoustic guitar front and center with added winds, strings, piano and brass backing tracks. While It Lasts has a clear influence from the Windham Hill sound of the late 1980s and 1990s, especially influences from iconic acoustic guitarists such as Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi and Franco Morone. Although Geoff is well versed in electric guitar styles too, with its focus on alternate tunings, While It Lasts is an appealing sounding album of mesmerizing, acoustic-based guitar sounds and styles. The strings enhance the sound too, especially on track 3, “Resolved”, and another album highlight called “Pheidippides”, with its haunting mellotron brass sounds. Filled with scenic and pastoral vibes, While It Lasts also underscores Geoff’s keen interest in film scores. Mastering engineer David Glaser who worked on Understanding The Signs, also gives While It Lasts a worthy CD sound. A standout release in a vast field of gifted guitar players making fine albums, While It Lasts is a most enjoyable album by a well-rounded guitarist and composer bringing his own unique sonic vision to the wide world of music.