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Written by Robert Silverstein
October 30, 2019 - 4:57pm EDT
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With the Compact Disc poised to revolutionize the entire music industry, jazz fans were also said to have been shocked when jazz legend, trumpet master / composer Miles Davis left his long time label Columbia and moved to Warner Bros. In October 1985, Miles started recording the album Rubberband in L.A. yet it was shelved and incompleted, in favor of recording what would become the Tutu album. Although there was a four song digital EP of the unreleased Rubberband album released in 2018, Rhino’s 2019 11 track, 65 minutes CD, double vinyl and download marks the first ever official release of the album. In a radical departure from his classic jazz sound, Rubberband is filled with funky soulful grooves while featuring a range of singers and vocal arrangers. The Rubberband album also benefits thanks to high caliber musicians including Randy Hall (guitars, vocals), Zane Giles (vocal and rhythm arrangements), Vince Wilburn, Jr. (percussion, arrangements), Adam Holzman (keys), Mike Stern (guitars), Bob Berg (sax), Arthur Haynes (bass, keys, programming) and many other players, all listed in the credits. Vocalists include Ledisi and Lalah Hathaway among others. Finally completed for historical reissue on Rhino by Zane Giles, Randy Hall and Miles’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr, the CD sounds great and as it stands and sounds 35 years later, it’s a classic mid ‘80s period piece - a jazz-funk classic filled with Miles’ unique trumpet stylings and his one of a kind sound. In addition, the CD booklet features 2019 liner notes by George Cole, along with rare pics, topped off by a cool painting by Miles that adorns the album cover art. Fans of Miles Davis will dig the unreleased jazz grooves of Rubberband.