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Written by Joe Ross
January 1, 2020 - 11:47pm EST
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The tenth studio album from Negroni’s Trio features contemporary Latin sounds that are both captivating and creative. The father-son team of pianist José Negroni  and drummer Nomar Negroni collaborate with bassist Josh Allen to form vivid soundscapes with innovative melodic and rhythmic elements.  Acústico offers eight originals and three covers. For a good introduction to their original work, standout tracks include “Let’s Go Camping,” “No Me Voy de Aquí,“ and “Cantando.” “Monica’s Drums” is a showcase for Nomar’s skills as a percussionist and shows why he won a scholarship The Berklee College of Music. Spanning over seven minutes, “Puerta del Sol“ provides plenty of opportunities for energetic improvisation.  Nomar’s understated vocals provide some moody flavorings to “No Me Voy De Aquí” (I’m Not Leaving Here) and “Ciclos” (Cycles) that evolves into a rather frenetic conversation between the instrumentalists. A remarkable set of music, Negroni’s Trio’s “Acustico” emphasizes the trio’s melodic and harmonic innovations. (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)