Album Review of
Frozen Moments

Written by Robert Silverstein
January 21, 2020 - 12:00am EST
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Don Latarski is a modern era hero of the acoustic guitar. Don’s Beatles tribute albums Fab 4 On 6 and the follow ups, were a real wake up call for guitar fans. Following forward with his career, Don released Frozen Moments in 2019. A nine-track album that focuses on Don’s latest guitar acquisition, a Spohn baritone guitar, Frozen Moments is filled with memorable and totally relaxing guitar sounds. Sherry Finzer’s Heart Dance label is renowned for releasing state of the art New Age albums and Frozen Moments fits in perfectly. Don’s track by track liner notes speaks of his various musical influences—from slow and melodic Americana pieces to the intimate and contemplative music of Bach and Erik Satie. Don also works magic on his Goodall baritone guitar tuned to C and on his fretless classical guitar. Somewhat reminiscent of the late great Swedish guitar innovator Thomas Almquist, Frozen Moments does wonders for the acoustic guitar and may be Don’s most New Age flavored release to date.