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Written by Robert Silverstein
February 7, 2020 - 12:00am EST
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Sweden has always been a hotbed of ethnic music, folk and jazz to name several genres. Swedish folk music became rock and jazz oriented in Sweden although all ethnicities are represented in Swedish music. Case in point is Lust, released in 2019 by Swedish singer-songwriter Louisa Lyne. The album is a great showcase for her band, Louisa Lyne & De Yiddishe Kapelye. Going back centuries, Yiddish is a mix of Hebrew, Russian and German and the album title Lust, translates to the term “being keen”. Louisa’s mission here was to bring Yiddish lingo into the now in a whole new context by adding modern day elements to the music, including synth keyboards, beats, Cuban rhythms, West African and Oriental elements into a bold Swedish pop sound. It’s not as weird as the description sounds, thanks to impeccable musicianship of her band and Ms. Lyne’s excellent vocals and stage presence. Featuring an all-acoustic mix of accordion, violin, cello, double bass, guitar and piano, a number of musicians appear throughout the nine-track CD. With original and traditional songs blending both Yiddish and Swedish lyrics, Lust makes for a most memorable album of modern day World Beat vocal music.