Album Review of
Hit It

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 15, 2020 - 2:44pm EDT
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A state of the art, 21st century jazz guitar ensemble, BK Trio takes the scenic route on their 2020 CD entitled Hit It. Featuring the music and band leading skills of guitarist / composer Brian Kooken, the 8 track Hit It CD teams Brian with the inventive pairing of Greg Hatza (Hammond B3 organ) and Robert Shahid (drums). The musical union of electric jazz guitar and Hammond organ is not a new phenomenon, yet with Brian Kooken's steady hands guiding the musical direction, the sound on Hit It comes across as upbeat and very groove-based instrumental music. Brian's original music comes across as being both melodic and improvisational, tastefully blending a wealth of jazzy guitar styles with Brazilian sounds, bluesy riffing and groove based funk, all without ever wearing out its welcome. Originally from Virginia and now based in Baltimore, Maryland, Brian Kooken and BK Trio is a most worthy addition to the early 21st century jazz guitar scene.