Album Review of
She Shimmy

Written by Robert Silverstein
May 30, 2020 - 4:25pm EDT
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A project funded by the Swedish Arts council, She Shimmy is an acoustic blues album featuring the music of Libby Rae Watson and Bert Deivert. Both artists are topnotch singers, multi-instrumentalists and composers. The 12-track She Shimmy CD features a range of originals along with covers of tracks written by unknown composers including Sam Chatmon, Little Hat Jones and Jimmy Rogers. Libby is from Mississippi and Bert, originally from Boston, is now based since 1974 in Sweden, yet on She Shimmy they combine forces on an entertaining album of acoustic and quite authentic blues that sometimes reminded this writer of early acoustic Hot Tuna and even acoustic tracks Buddy Holly wrote in NYC before he died in February 1959. For those following these artists, She Shimmy follows Libby Rae Watson’s 6th album and Bert’s 13th album. Although Libby Rae and Bert carry the day on She Shimmy, the album does feature several guests, including blues-legend Charlie Musselwhite (harmonica) and Eric Bibb (backing vocals, guitar) along with other fine musicians. She Shimmy may be low key but overall, with a solid mix of acoustic blues and strong vocals, is quite entertaining.