Album Review of
Bangalore Blues

Written by Joe Ross
May 17, 2020 - 7:36pm EDT
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The collaboration of vocalist Radha Thomas and pianist Aman Mahajan results in a pleasantly intimate set of seven alluring original compositions about life experiences in New York and India. Thomas’ magnetic voice delivers honest, uncompromising vision while Mahajan’s piano accompaniment frames each piece to heighten the impact of the lyrics. Opening with “The Morning After,” Thomas relates a pensive story that many of us can relate to after a long night on the town, where “the sound in my head is the buzzing of bees.” Later in the set, Thomas inquisitively asks “Would I Lie?” as well as many other questions she ultimately answers with cautionary words. “Only Illusion” is a poetic statement that captures the heightened sense of a close personal relationship. “Bangalore Blues” closes the project with a nostalgic statement about yearning for home in India. As Thomas vocalizes with emotion, Mahajan provides just the right accompaniment to complement the lyrical contents and heighten the songs’ impact. Therein lies this duo’s success and measure of their artistry.  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)