Album Review of
Into The Light

Written by Robert Silverstein
September 3, 2023 - 6:41pm EDT
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Austin, Texas-based guitarist, vocalist, studio producer, engineer and composer Matt Smith released his pop music classic Being Human just as the pandemic unfolded in mid-2020 and he simultaneously pressed CDs and released a good number of titles from his prodigious back catalog, 8 albums worth with each one pressed on CD. In 2023, Matt Smith is back on the music scene with a newly recorded album by his recently reinvigorated band known as Matt Smith’s World. Smith watchers may recall their debut album from 2011, simply titled Matt Smith’s World. The ten track CD release of Into The Light by Matt Smith’s World picks up from where Being Human left off and then some.

Into The Light is filled with a memorable range of funky, jazzy, guitar-centric electric pop, blues and rock. For Into The Light Matt traveled back to his home turf of Saratoga, New York in 2022 to record six of the ten tracks with a number of musicians, while the four other tracks were recorded with another set of musicians at his 6 String Ranch in Austin, Texas, the studio Matt owns along with Bill Kaman. Into The Light is dedicated to Matt’s Mom Helen Smith, who passed away in 2022. A few spins with Into The Light, by Matt Smith’s World is a pleasurable way to lighten your psychic load and put you in an upbeat mood. Into The Light is a consummate album written and performed by some of the best musicians on the American pop-rock scene of 2023.