Album Review of
It's Worth It

Written by Robert Silverstein
June 21, 2024 - 6:17pm EDT
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Released in mid-2024, It’s Worth It is the second solo album by Delay Tactics guitarist and keyboard player David Udell. It’s Worth It follows 2015’s Orchids as well as Elements Of Surprise, the 2022 reunion album by early 1980s synth-pop instrumentalists Delay Tactics. It’s Worth It features David Udell on electric, acoustic, nylon and slide guitars, piano, synth/keyboards, bass guitars, theremin, stylophone, flexitone, trumpet, percussion and toys. It’s Worth It also features a supporting cast, including Carl Weingarten (slide lead guitar), Walter Whitney (modular synthesizer) and Mike Long (drums) in addition to a range of other fine musicians and backing vocalists.

A noteworthy singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer, David Udell is recognized for leading the St. Louis-based 1980s art-rock band Wax Theatricks, and then going on to join the 1980’s instrumental avant-prog group Delay Tactics with Walter Whitney and Carl Weingarten. David Udell also appeared on the 1990 post-Delay Tactics album Primitive Earth, along with several other releases with Whitney, Weingarten and drummer Joe Venegoni, while using the alias Phil Neon on the Submergings album with Carl Weingarten and Gale Ormiston. Featuring 10 tracks, the 37-minute It's Worth It is a vital, multi- textured album flowing with a mix of catchy, compelling pop and rock, shaded by Udell’s satirical lyrics, all the while pumping out the big beat on a CD of melodic music treasures.