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Written by Joe Ross
May 17, 2020 - 7:44pm EDT
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Currently living in New York, Enrique Haneine has an impressive resume as performer, educator, drummer and percussionist. His eleven original compositions incorporate free jazz, Latin and middle eastern influences. As a forward-thinking jazz innovator, he utilizes a quintet with saxophone, trumpet, bass clarinet, bass and drums. Each instrument participates in expanded improvisations with extemporaneous emotional statements. Selections like “Once,” “Luculent Jiggle,” “Seldom Disguise” and “Queen of the Underground” establish nice free-form grooves as they propagate moods rather than textures. Haneine uses sound colorings to evoke different kinds of feelings. The music is unusual, but compelling, as the modal jazz explorations weave and wander through their conversations. This may not be every jazz aficionado’s cup of tea. Yet, one must appreciate the extraordinary musicianship on such a project. The group interplay on pieces like “The Sweetest Finding” and “What of What We Are” remind me of Ornette Coleman’s “harmolodics” that called for harmonic, melodic and rhythmic improvisation. Haneine’s approach to pan-tonal collective improvisation on “Unlayered’ is edgy, uncompromising and worthy of our study and attention.  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)