Details of
Mixed Bag
by JP Williams Blues Band

Producer: Clyde Rosencrance
Engineer: Clyde Rosencrance
Recorder At: Republic Audio Studios Clarks Summit Pa
Mastered By: Republic Audio Studios Clarks summit Pa

About the Album



1. Who Do You Love

2. Long Distance Call

3. One Step Ahead of You

Welcome to my "Mixed Bag" of music. Believe me when I tell you it's been a long time coming. When I first started this project I was going to record an all blues album, but what came about is more of a sampling of what you hear when I perform "live", a mixed bag of my roots in blues and folk music. I did not try to make every song perfect, but I did put my heart & soul in each performance. Most of all, I made this album in the hopes that you, the listener, will find some joy in the music I sing.

JP Williams - Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo (4)
Eddie The Harp - Harmonica, Backing Vocal (6)
Eric Brody - Piano (3,5, 8) Organ(10)
Nolan Ayres - Bass (3,5, 8, 10)
Julio Caprari - Drums (3,5, 8, 10) 
Clyde Rosencrance - Jaw Harp (4), Kick Drum (9)
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Recorded at Republic Audio Studios, Dalton, Pa.
Produced by Clyde Rosencrance
Photo Credits: Mike Lehman
Graphic Design: Frank Chopko
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Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657
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Special Thanks

Special thanks to all the musicians who played on this CD for giving their time and talent to this project, especially Eddie The Harp for playing from his soul and always being there for me as my friend and bandmate. Thanks also to all the people who have nurtured and encouraged me to make music again after my long self-imposed absence from music, Antoine Magliano, George Wesley, Billy Edwards, Sharon O'Connell, Lee Delray, Phyllis Hopkins, Tom Shaw, Paul Moran, Steve Hertzog, Carol & Fred Linde, Bill Coleman, and many others. Also to all the appreciative music fans who listen wherever I perform. And last, but not least to my loving wife Dana Allen Williams who supports me in my music and all other things in our life together. I dedicate this album to you with all my love.

JP Williams 
July 2016