Details of
No More Hate
by Sean Poluk

Producer: Edith Salazar
Engineer: Edith Salazar and David De Lafuente
Recorder At: Stairway Musical Studio
Mastered By: Wellington Ferreira Borges

About the Album

NO MORE HATE is Sean Poluk's roots blues style sprinkled in with americana flavors which is all fused altogether to have that earthy back yard vibe mixed in a stew of  chicken gumbo . It hails back to the old time blues laden traditional artists stired in with modern upstarts to create something new and special. While remaining primarily faithful to the genre, the solo artist injects his own style so flawlessly that lines become blurred and categories seem unimportant. This music kicks like a mule—born on the whisky soaked floor of a Georgia honky-tonk, but set in modern times

Special Thanks

Second voices - Edith Salazar

Violin & Viola- David Moreira

Spanish guitar - Daniel “Melon” Jimenez

Harmonica - Osi Martinez 

Keyboards - Edith Salazar

Double & electric bass - Jose Vincente Munoz

Percussion & drums - David De La Fuente

Choirs - Edith Salazar & David De La Fuente


Recorded in Madrid at Robin Groove Studio by Edith Salazar and David De Lafuente

Mixed and mastered in Madrid at Stairway Musical Studio by Wellington Ferreira Borges


All songs, lyrics and music by Sean Poluk

Music production and artistic direction by Edith Salazar