The Meters
Louisiana - United States

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The Very Best of the Meters

Label: Warner Strategic

Genres: Cajun

Styles: Cajun

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
Ease Back Cajun Cajun
Here Comes the Meter Man Cajun Cajun
1 Cissy Strut Cajun Cajun
2 Live Wire Cajun Cajun
3 Sophisticated Cissy Cajun Cajun
4 Look-Ka Py Py Cajun Cajun
5 Pungee Cajun Cajun
6 Tippi-Toes Cajun Cajun
7 Soul Island (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
8 Cabbage Alley (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
9 People Say (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
10 Hey Pocky A-Way (Remastered Single Version) Cajun Cajun
11 Just Kissed My Baby (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
12 Jungle Man (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
13 Out in the Country (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
14 Fire on the Bayou (Remastered) Cajun Cajun
15 They All Ask'd for You (Remastered Single Version) Cajun Cajun
16 Trick Bag (Remastered Single Version) Cajun Cajun

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Look-ka Py Py

Label: Rounder

Genres: Cajun, R&B

Styles: Cajun, Soul

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
Funky Miracle Cajun Cajun
Little Old Money Maker Cajun Cajun
Look-Ka Py Py Cajun Cajun
2 Rigor Mortis Soul R&B
9 Oh, Calcutta! Soul R&B
10 The Mob Soul R&B
11 9 'Til 5 Soul R&B

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New Directions

Label: Warner Bros

Genres: R&B, Cajun

Styles: R&B, Funk, Cajun

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 No More Okey Doke R&B R&B
2 I'm Gone Funk R&B
3 Be My Lady Funk R&B
4 My Name Up in Lights Funk R&B
5 Funkify Your Life Cajun Cajun
6 Stop That Train Funk R&B
7 We Got the Kind of a Love Funk R&B
8 Give It What You Can Cajun Cajun