Mountain Heart
Nashville - Tennessee - United States

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Soul Searching

Label: Compass Group

Genres: Rock

Styles: Roots Rock

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 In the Ground Roots Rock Rock
2 More Than I Am Roots Rock Rock
3 Restless Wind Roots Rock Rock
4 No Complaints Roots Rock Rock
5 Curly Headed Woman Roots Rock Rock
6 You Can't Hide a Broken Heart Roots Rock Rock
7 Amicalola Falls Roots Rock Rock
8 Your Love Won't Let Me Go Roots Rock Rock
9 Stars Roots Rock Rock
10 Festival Roots Rock Rock
11 Soul Searching Roots Rock Rock

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Blue Skies

Label: Compass

Genres: Rock, Bluegrass

Styles: Roots Rock, Contemporary Bluegrass

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Blue Skies Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
2 Miss Me when I'm Gone Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
3 Maggie's Farm Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
4 No One to Listen Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
5 She'll Come Back to Me Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
6 Addicted Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
7 The Bad Grounds Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
8 Have You Heard About the Old Hometown Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
9 I Can't Get over You Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass
10 Hurting Contemporary Bluegrass Bluegrass