Misty Blues
Williamstown - Massachusetts - United States

Misty BluesGroovable Blues since 1999


Misty Blues is a female led band from Berkshire County Massachusetts playing traditional/original blues with a hint of funk, soul and tent revival gospel since 1999. The band has recorded and shared the stage with Mr. Charles Neville from the Neville Brothers and opened for blues ar:sts Albert Cummings and Michael Powers. Misty Blues has toured New England extensively and performed in New York City, Birmingham, Harrisburg, Mishawaka Indiana and New Orleans. They have been spun on BB King’s Bluesville, Ole Harv’s Blues Revue and Oogie Richards’ Mighty Mouth Blues. Their original songs have also hit the airwaves throughout the UK.


Gina Coleman: Lead Singer/Cigar Box/Percussion

Jason Webster: Guitar/Vocals

Bill Patriquin: Bass/Vocals

Benny Kohn: Keys/Vocals

Aaron Dean: Sax

Rob Tatten: Drums/Vocals

Jeff Dudziak: Guitar/Vocals


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Pickled & Aged

Label: Self-Release

Genres: Blues

Styles: Contemporary Blues, Jazzy Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
It's a Jungle out There Contemporary Blues Blues
Let Them Blues Contemporary Blues Blues
Our Traveling Blues Contemporary Blues Blues
You Thought I Would Fall Contemporary Blues Blues
1 Spilt Whiskey Contemporary Blues Blues
5 Sweet Sweet Bourbon Contemporary Blues Blues
7 Take a Long Ride Contemporary Blues Blues
8 Chicago to Memphis Contemporary Blues Blues
9 Mountain Dew Contemporary Blues Blues
10 Need More Contemporary Blues Blues
11 Stoop Stomp Contemporary Blues Blues

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Call & Response - Details

Label: Misty Blues

Genres: Blues

Styles: Jazzy Blues

Songs on the Album

Track # Song Title Style Genre
1 Hear My Call Jazzy Blues Blues
2 I Ain't Yellah Jazzy Blues Blues
3 Chasing Gold Jazzy Blues Blues
4 Blues on My Heels Jazzy Blues Blues
5 My Baby's Gone Jazzy Blues Blues
6 Purdie Blues Jazzy Blues Blues
7 Heaven Sent Jazzy Blues Blues
8 Just Don't Know Why Jazzy Blues Blues
9 South Bronx Boogie Jazzy Blues Blues
10 I Need More Light Jazzy Blues Blues
11 Hear My Call (Alternate Version) Jazzy Blues Blues