The Roots Music Report's
Top Bluegrass Song Chart
for the Year of 2019

Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name Sub Genre
1Like ReflectionsGreensky BluegrassContemporary Bluegrass
2Rise SunThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
3Let Me KnowThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
4Get Me GoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
5Breaking in LonesomeRick FarisContemporary Bluegrass
6Bluegrass RadioIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
7Something About a Train SoundIrene KelleyContemporary Bluegrass
8If I Needed SomeoneBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
9Feelin' Bad BluesRy CooderContemporary Bluegrass
10Heartbreak Hall of FameThe GrascalsContemporary Bluegrass
11Diggin' My PotatoesTim O'BrienBluegrass
12Wreck of My HeartThe Lonesome River BandContemporary Bluegrass
13No Smoky MountainsSister SadieContemporary Bluegrass
14Louisville RamblerBlue Moon RisingTraditional Bluegrass
15They Call Me TroubleTerry BaucomTraditional Bluegrass
16I Can Tell by the Way You DanceHammertowneContemporary Bluegrass
17I Say Let's Go (Colorado)Unspoken TraditionContemporary Bluegrass
18SteamDeeper Shade Of BlueContemporary Bluegrass
19Bourbon Hound (feat. Molly Tuttle & Avril Smith)Della MaeContemporary Bluegrass
20The Hard Way Every TimeDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
21In Hell I'll Be in Good CompanyThe Dead SouthProgressive Bluegrass
22Dance, Dance, DanceAppalachian Road ShowTraditional Bluegrass
23Bluest Eyes in TexasBreaking GrassProgressive Bluegrass
24Heaven (feat. Cia Cherryholmes)Chad DarouTraditional Bluegrass
25Swept Away (feat. Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Molly Tuttle & Sierra Hull)Missy RainesContemporary Bluegrass
26HaggardThe GrascalsContemporary Bluegrass
27Everybody’s Talkin'The Seldom SceneContemporary Bluegrass
28Wheel in the SkyDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
29Waiting on a RideSongs From The Road BandContemporary Bluegrass
30Their Hands Made the MusicThe Mountain Home FamilyContemporary Bluegrass
31Nothing but SkyUnspoken TraditionContemporary Bluegrass
32KidsThe HillbendersContemporary Bluegrass
33Looking for the BridgeChris Jones & the Night DriversContemporary Bluegrass
34Rikki Don't Lose That NumberFrank Solivan & Dirty KitchenContemporary Bluegrass
35Dive (feat. Ricky Skaggs)Steven Curtis ChapmanTraditional Bluegrass
36Dark Side of the MountainUnspoken TraditionContemporary Bluegrass
37One TearNu-BluContemporary Bluegrass
38Laura LeeNewTownContemporary Bluegrass
39Ride This Road (feat. Michael Cleveland & Steve Cooley)Aaron BibelhauserContemporary Bluegrass
40I've Heard This TuneGregg WeltyTraditional Bluegrass
41West Virginia RailJoe HottTraditional Bluegrass
42Barbed Wire and RosesTurning GroundTraditional Bluegrass
43Bluegrass JunctionLarry CordleContemporary Bluegrass
44Too Late to Say GoodbyeMickey GalyeanTraditional Bluegrass
45Calling ElvisThe Lonesome River BandContemporary Bluegrass
46Bend in the RoadChris Jones & the Night DriversContemporary Bluegrass
47The Girl Who Invented the WheelBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
48A Lot Like the WhippoorwillDeer Creek BoysTraditional Bluegrass
49Losing You BluesSister SadieContemporary Bluegrass
50New Cut RoadMcKay & LeighContemporary Bluegrass
51Coal Fed TrainBilly DrozeContemporary Bluegrass
52Tall Fiddler (feat. Flamekeeper & Tommy Emmanuel)Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperContemporary Bluegrass
53Urge for GoingDede WylandTraditional Bluegrass
54Wyoming Child (feat. Sam Bush)Aaron BibelhauserContemporary Bluegrass
55True GrassLorraine Jordan & Carolina RoadTraditional Bluegrass
56The Hobo SongDeadgrassContemporary Bluegrass
57Taking WaterBilly StringsProgressive Bluegrass
58Gotta Get You Near Me BluesHigh FidelityContemporary Bluegrass
59Shots You Never TakeNothin' FancyContemporary Bluegrass
60Glory BoundThe WooksContemporary Bluegrass
61Happy TogetherThe GrascalsContemporary Bluegrass
62Long Hard RoadNewTownContemporary Bluegrass
63I Wanna Go BackPhil LeadbetterContemporary Bluegrass
64Papa Wants to Go BackNothin' FancyContemporary Bluegrass
65Kentucky GamblerJ.D. CroweTraditional Bluegrass
66South to North CarolinaKristy CoxContemporary Bluegrass
67I Don’t Want to Lose YouLorraine Jordan & Carolina RoadTraditional Bluegrass
68Kids These DaysDoyle Lawson & QuicksilverContemporary Bluegrass
69Good 'Cause I'm GoneBacklineTraditional Bluegrass
70Both Ends of the TrainBlue HighwayTraditional Bluegrass
71Rusty RailsCarolina BlueTraditional Bluegrass
72Looks Like Losing YouVolume FiveContemporary Bluegrass
73Anna LeeAppalachian Road ShowTraditional Bluegrass
74Something to LoseSister SadieContemporary Bluegrass
75Better Days a ComingDave AdkinsBluegrass
76Living Like There's No Tomorrow (Live)Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverContemporary Bluegrass
77He RambledDavid Davis & The Warrior River BoysContemporary Bluegrass
78SouthboundThe Travelin' McCourysProgressive Bluegrass
79If the Kansas River CanRick FarisContemporary Bluegrass
80She Took the Tennessee River (feat. Bobby Osborne)Special ConsensusContemporary Bluegrass
81Backwards and ForwardsJunior SiskTraditional Bluegrass
82Life to My DaysDoyle Lawson & QuicksilverContemporary Bluegrass
83All Because of MeSidelineTraditional Bluegrass
84Never Say NeverKristi StanleyContemporary Bluegrass
85One's Real LifeJaelee RobertsBluegrass
86Away from the MireBilly StringsProgressive Bluegrass
87Who You Want Me to BeChris Jones & the Night DriversContemporary Bluegrass
88Hurting Sure (feat. Molly Tuttle)Special ConsensusContemporary Bluegrass
89It's Easy As SinBrandon RickmanContemporary Bluegrass
90Next Train SouthThe Po' Ramblin' BoysTraditional Bluegrass
91Over the LineJeff Scroggins & ColoradoTraditional Bluegrass
92The Guitar Song (feat. Del McCoury)Joe Mullins & the Radio RamblersTraditional Bluegrass
93Mississippi Steamboat BluesRick FarisContemporary Bluegrass
94I Can Almost Smell the SmokeKristy CoxContemporary Bluegrass
95The RamblerBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
96Whole Lotta Laying AroundChris RobertsContemporary Bluegrass
97This TownMerle MonroeTraditional Bluegrass
98Aunt Birdie's Wing Back ChevroletHammertowneContemporary Bluegrass
99Dollar Bill BluesBlue Moon RisingBluegrass
100I Hear Bluegrass Calling MeCarolina BlueTraditional Bluegrass
101By Now I Would Be DeadJunior SiskTraditional Bluegrass
102YardbirdLarry CordleContemporary Bluegrass
103The Girl I Left BehindFirst Ladies Of BluegrassTraditional Bluegrass
104Oh, Goodbye Liza JaneGregg WeltyTraditional Bluegrass
105Run a Little FasterEddie SandersTraditional Bluegrass
106We'll Meet Again SweetheartBlue Moon RisingContemporary Bluegrass
107Honey Do ListJunior SiskTraditional Bluegrass
108Queen of CarolinaClaybankContemporary Bluegrass
109Fly AwayNewTownContemporary Bluegrass
110Speak LoveThe Family SowellContemporary Bluegrass
111Another Love Gone WrongBecky BullerContemporary Bluegrass
112Songs Like Those (for Days Like These)The Chigger Hill Boys & TerriTraditional Bluegrass
113Deep Dark Hollow RoadDel McCoury BandTraditional Bluegrass
114Out of the BlueDeeper Shade Of BlueContemporary Bluegrass
115When Jesus Swings the Wrecking BallAlan Bibey & GrasstowneTraditional Bluegrass
116Cloud ValleyThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
117Calamity JaneBecky BullerContemporary Bluegrass
118Just Me LeavingKristy CoxContemporary Bluegrass
119Gonna Rise and ShineAlan Bibey & GrasstowneTraditional Bluegrass
120Do You Ever Think of MeHighland TravelersTraditional Bluegrass
121My Honey LouKathy Kallick BandContemporary Bluegrass
122A Train Can Run Two WaysEddie SandersTraditional Bluegrass
123Blue Moon over TexasWilliamson BranchContemporary Bluegrass
124Second Cup of CoffeeChris RobertsContemporary Bluegrass
125Pack Up Your SorrowsThe Seldom SceneContemporary Bluegrass
126Take Me Back to West VirginiaLarry SparksTraditional Bluegrass
127Graveyard BluesBalsam RangeTraditional Bluegrass
128Coon Dog CemeteryMilan MillerContemporary Bluegrass
129Good Enough (Ain't Good Enough)Amanda CookContemporary Bluegrass
130Way Down the River RoadSpecial ConsensusContemporary Bluegrass
131So LowThe Lonely Heartstring BandTraditional Bluegrass
132EmmaClaybankContemporary Bluegrass
133You'll Cry for MeSteve GulleyTraditional Bluegrass
134Put Some Bluegrass in My EarDeeper Shade Of BlueContemporary Bluegrass
135Cabbage HeadIrene KelleyTraditional Bluegrass
136Echoes of LoveEddie SandersTraditional Bluegrass
137No-See-Um Stomp (feat. Molly Tuttle, Alison Brown & Avril Smith)Della MaeContemporary Bluegrass
138Big Dreams, Small TalkOld Salt UnionContemporary Bluegrass
139LenaFrank Solivan & Dirty KitchenContemporary Bluegrass
140Tattered Window ShadeTerry BaucomTraditional Bluegrass
141That Ol TrainDel McCoury BandTraditional Bluegrass
142Back Home Feelin' AgainDonna UlisseContemporary Bluegrass
143Movin' onMerle MonroeTraditional Bluegrass
144It's You AgainHighland TravelersTraditional Bluegrass
145Big CountryGena BrittBluegrass
146When I Go All Bluegrass on YouDonna UlisseTraditional Bluegrass
147Thunder DanSidelineTraditional Bluegrass
148Those Pictures Mean a Whole Lot More These DaysHammertowneContemporary Bluegrass
149Bacon in My BeansJoe Mullins & the Radio RamblersTraditional Bluegrass
150Two Acres at a TimeAmanda CookContemporary Bluegrass
151Just Beyond the WindowVolume FiveContemporary Bluegrass
152Arkansas (feat. Flamekeeper)Michael Cleveland and FlamekeeperContemporary Bluegrass
153Last RefrainThe Lonely Heartstring BandTraditional Bluegrass
154Where's a Train when You Need OneClaybankContemporary Bluegrass
155World of LiesJoe HottBluegrass
156What Would Lester Say? (feat. Logan Ledger & Glen Duncan)Eddie SandersTraditional Bluegrass
157Dusty Gravel RoadThe Family SowellContemporary Bluegrass
158Follow the LeaderHigh FidelityContemporary Bluegrass
159Flint Hill SpecialDarren NicholsonContemporary Bluegrass
160The Redbird RiverDale Ann BradleyContemporary Bluegrass
161RicochetKristy CoxContemporary Bluegrass
162Love's Raining DownDeer Creek BoysContemporary Bluegrass
163I'm Leaving YouBlue Moon RisingTraditional Bluegrass
164Comin' AgainThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
165HoneybabeRick FarisContemporary Bluegrass
166Baton RougeDailey & VincentContemporary Bluegrass
167BabyThe CleverlysContemporary Bluegrass
168I'll Never Find Another YouDonna UlisseBluegrass
169If I'd Have Wrote That SongJoe Mullins & the Radio RamblersBluegrass
170Over and overGena BrittBluegrass
171Top of the RidgeBlue HighwayTraditional Bluegrass
172I Don't Have the Want to AnymoreMark Kuykendall & Bobby HicksTraditional Bluegrass
173Drowned in SorrowSteve GulleyTraditional Bluegrass
174Cumberland PlateauDarin & Brooke AldridgeContemporary Bluegrass
175I Can't Breathe Deep YetThe Gibson BrothersContemporary Bluegrass
176A Little Past LonelyDonna UlisseContemporary Bluegrass
177Boeing Boeing 707Chris RobertsContemporary Bluegrass
178Leaving Sounds Pretty Good to MeSteve GulleyTraditional Bluegrass
179While I'm Waiting HereBilly StringsProgressive Bluegrass
180FreeWilliamson BranchContemporary Bluegrass
181Sometimes Dig for TatersJeff Scroggins & ColoradoTraditional Bluegrass
182My Quiet MindThe Gibson BrothersContemporary Bluegrass
183That Old County RoadShannon SlaughterContemporary Bluegrass
184Don't Point Your FingerRalph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain BoysTraditional Bluegrass
185The Little TennesseeHighland TravelersTraditional Bluegrass
186Rainy Day BluesTerry BaucomTraditional Bluegrass
187Bonnie GoodbyeCarolina BlueTraditional Bluegrass
188Puppet ShowGina ClowesTraditional Bluegrass
189Time Won't WaitSteve GulleyTraditional Bluegrass
190Yesterday's GoneLarry Stephenson BandTraditional Bluegrass
191TimepieceMilan MillerContemporary Bluegrass
192As Lonesome As I AmThe Lonesome River BandContemporary Bluegrass
193Will You Be LeavingAmanda CookContemporary Bluegrass
194Write Bill a LetterCedar HillBluegrass
195If You're Gonna Love SomeoneThe Infamous StringdustersContemporary Bluegrass
196The Fiddle Man's DelightJoe Mullins & the Radio RamblersTraditional Bluegrass
197Cold in the GroundDave AdkinsTraditional Bluegrass
198We've Got the Love Thing Figured outDonna UlisseContemporary Bluegrass
199Drive This Cold out of MeDonna UlisseContemporary Bluegrass
200ParalyzedDeer Creek BoysContemporary Bluegrass

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