The Roots Music Report's
Top 50 Jazz Song Chart
for the Week of Jan 20, 2018

TW LW Song Title Band/Artist Name Sub Genre
-11Let's Sail AwayJeff Rupert with Veronica SwiftJazz
261What NowCarl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz BandFusion
34Dr. MinoCarl Filipiak and the Jimi Jazz BandFusion
45Ginza SambaJeff Rupert with Veronica SwiftJazz
56My Foolish HeartPhil DeGreg TrioJazz
67Squeeze MeDuke RobillardJazz
78KissAcute InflectionsJazz
89Just SmileExtra LargeCrossover Jazz
911Easy LivingDuke RobillardJazz
*NEW*10-Wild BillRobert KennedyJazz
1119Bright Size LifePat Metheny TrioJazz
1220Unity VillagePat Metheny TrioJazz
1321CaravanWes MontgomeryJazz
1423Divided We StandAndy Adamson QuintetJazz
1524Corner StoreAndy Adamson QuintetJazz
1625The Homp RompJen SiukolaJazz
1726Twilight in the MakingAndy Adamson QuintetJazz
1827Come Together (feat. Joe Bagg & Paul Romaine)Dave Askren & Jeff BenedictJazz
1928Moments Notice (feat. Joe Bagg & Paul Romaine)Dave Askren & Jeff BenedictJazz
2029Hear This (feat. Joe Bagg & Paul Romaine)Dave Askren & Jeff BenedictJazz
2130On It (feat. Joe Bagg & Paul Romaine)Dave Askren & Jeff BenedictJazz
2231Lighthouse ReverieJen SiukolaJazz
2332Lil' B JrJen SiukolaJazz
2433The Dawn Approaches Like TearsJen SiukolaJazz
2534Bog WalkingJen SiukolaJazz
2635I Kissed You GoodbyeJen SiukolaJazz
2736Gibb's HillJen SiukolaJazz
2837Young StreetReggie YoungSmooth Jazz
2938Smash 'Em UpReggie YoungSmooth Jazz
3039Brazilian Dreams (feat. Bill Holloman & James Cage)Reggie YoungSmooth Jazz
3140Magic (feat. Marissa Licata)Reggie YoungSmooth Jazz
3241Adios NoninoEnrique CoriaJazz
3342Choro No. 1Enrique CoriaJazz
3443Mamita'lEnrique CoriaJazz
3544Miss Ann's TempoGrant GreenJazz
3645Speak LowGrant GreenJazz
3746I Know That You KnowJohn PizzarelliJazz
3847IndianaJohn PizzarelliJazz
3948That's NatJohn PizzarelliJazz
4049Casio VanguardKurt RosenwinkelJazz
4150Everything ChangesMike SternJazz
4251Giant StepsMike SternJazz
4352Hook UpMike SternJazz
4453I Love YouMike SternJazz
4554LumpyMike SternJazz
4655OleoMike SternJazz
4756RoomsMike SternJazz
4857ArticulationRodney JonesJazz
4958Stang's SwangStevie Ray Vaughan & Double TroubleJazz
50-The Things We Did Last SummerGrant GreenJazz

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