The Roots Music Report's
Top Acoustic Blues Song Chart
for the Year of 2020

Rank Song Title Band/Artist Name
1Blacktop RunSonny Landreth
2ConfirmationChris Smither
3Hollow Tree GapSteve Dawson
4Little HarpethSteve Dawson
5The LightJoe Kopicki
6Keep MovingJoe Kopicki
7Wake UpJoe Kopicki
8Lonely TimeChris Smither
9Somebody Gotta Make a MoveSonny Landreth
10My DonyGrant Dermody
11Down in MississippiBobby Rush
12Nobody Gotta KnowCary Morin
13Night BeforeBroke Fuse
14Let Me in Your HouseBobby Rush
15BugscuffleSteve Dawson
16Blow All the Blues AwayBroke Fuse
17After MidnightAdam Karch
18Whisky BottlesBroke Fuse
19Hard TimesBobby Rush
20Hale Road RevelationSteve Dawson
21Lonesome AceSteve Dawson
22Juke Joint SwingRichard Ray Farrell
23Rock with Me BabyHudspeth & Taylor
24Phineas PoundwellGreg Koch
25Shake It for MeBobby Rush
26St. Charles ShuffleGreg Koch
27MuleSonny Landreth
28Don't Ask MeSonny Landreth
29He May Be Your ManRory Block
30It Hurts to Be in LoveGrant Dermody
31Real Time ManGrant Dermody
32Springtime BluesGrant Dermody
33Don't Start Me Talkin'Bobby Rush
34Sometimes You Act CrazyHudspeth & Taylor
35Bourgeois BluesThe Old Ramblers
36Never Going to LoseSean Poluk
37One Step at a TimeGrant Dermody
38In the WintertimeAdam Karch
39Smokestack LightningBobby Rush
40I Know It's Gonna to Rain AgainHudspeth & Taylor
41When I RiseCary Morin
42Beyond BordersSonny Landreth
43Angel EyesSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
44Milk Man BluesRory Block
45I Can't Turn Back TimeGrant Dermody
46Jamie RaeCary Morin
47Big Fat Hairy LieHudspeth & Taylor
48Gotta Have LoveRichard Ray Farrell
49Bei Mir Bist Du SchoenSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
50Walking Down the Road...Hudspeth & Taylor
51Text Me BabyMick Kolassa
52NiñaSean Poluk
53Corner StrutGrant Dermody
54Morning TrainGrant Dermody
55West Helena BluesElvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite
56Hometown BluesGrant Dermody
5799 YearsMark Telesca
58PrisonerCary Morin
59Too Late to Change Your MindGrant Dermody
60Prove It on MeRory Block
61Come the RainCary Morin
62Somebody Loan Me a DimeBlind Lemon Pledge
63Path to NothingCooker John
64The Wilds of WonderSonny Landreth
65Everybody LiesSean Poluk
66Wayward Girl BluesRory Block
67I'll Be Right BackHudspeth & Taylor
68Mr. RightMick Kolassa
69Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (feat. Piper Amos) [Live over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016]The Reverend Shawn Amos
70Dust My BroomBobby Rush
71Song for My FatherSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
72Sad MobileCooker John
73Sweet CelineBlind Lemon Pledge
74Great ChangeGrant Dermody
75Three Pints of GinRichard Ray Farrell
76I Know You RiderBlind Lemon Pledge
77Singin' the BluesSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
78West Coast BluesAndy Cohen
79DindiSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
80Lay Baby LayCary Morin
81Blues at MidnightCatfish Keith
82Back to Being MeBernie Barlow
83Come on SunshineGrant Dermody
84Daddy BabyHudspeth & Taylor
8535-59Grant Dermody
86Valley of the ChiefsCary Morin
87Fair Verona BluesAdam Karch
88Bitter HarvestAdam Karch
89I'll Remember AprilSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
90CavemanChris Smither
91In My Girlish DaysRory Block
92I Thought About YouSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
93Blues 2.0Fruteland Jackson
94HollowJocelyn & Chris Arndt
95Whistleblower BluesThe McKee Brothers
96It's Red HotRory Block
97HelpMick Kolassa
98Low Down Dealer ManHudspeth & Taylor
99Cradle to the GraveCary Morin
100Forever is a Long TimeSean Poluk
101SometimesSean Poluk
102Recycle MeMick Kolassa
103Dope Shootin' WomanRichard Ray Farrell
104Nothin' but the BluesSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
105Little by LittleSean Poluk
106Looking for Some GoldMark Telesca
107Tryin to Get HomeAndy Cohen
108Earwig StompAndy Cohen
109Good TimesElvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite
110One Monkey Don't Stop the ShowAndy Cohen
111Long Lonely DayCooker John
112Groovy GoddessSonny Landreth
113How Can I Miss You Baby?The McKee Brothers
114Whatever It TakesBrooks Williams
115Folie a DeuxHudspeth & Taylor
116Pea Vine BluesAndy Cohen
117Settle for YouCooker John
118Twice a WeekCooker John
119Ragged BluesSean Poluk
120Mess AroundTony Cuchetti & Joe Flip
121Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from MeSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
122FutureHudspeth & Taylor
123Cary's GrooveCary Morin
124Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)Adam Karch
125If You're a ViperRory Block
126Voodoo GrooveKat Danser
127Candy ManHudspeth & Taylor
128Why Should I Be Blue?Broke Fuse
129Still on 101Terry Robb
130Jug in the Water (Acoustic Version)Cary Morin
131Exception to the RuleCary Morin
132Back on the TrainCary Morin
133Worry Be the Death of MeRick Fines
134It's Too Late to CryBlind Lemon Pledge
135When You Comin' HomeHudspeth & Taylor
136Bluffer's BluesBroke Fuse
137St. James InfirmaryMick Kolassa
138Waterloo is the Last StopSean Poluk
139Silly BillyHudspeth & Taylor
140Blue MondayCooker John
141The Water is WideCooker John
142Somethin' Just Ain't RightMark Telesca
143RealizeThe McKee Brothers
144Mr. Jellyroll BakerMick Kolassa
145Back to LoveThe McKee Brothers
146Damaged GoodsFruteland Jackson
147Xima Jo RoadCatfish Keith
148Talkin' CaseyAndy Cohen
149EaglesRory Block
150Way out WestCatfish Keith
151Lazy Woman BluesRichard Ray Farrell
152Bohemian LifeRichard Ray Farrell
153All My MoneyGravely James
154Cold Stone HeartGravely James
155Dark DaysRick Fines
156Dirt Road HomeBen Rice
157Z'sSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
158Bad Dream BluesAndy Cohen
159Keep on Truckin MamaMick Kolassa
160Motherless ChildRory Block
161Reverend Gary RagAndy Cohen
162Time to GoAndy Cohen
163Knock Knock Knockin'Eliza Neals
164Please Send Me Someone to LoveSteve Howell, Dan Sumner & Jason Weinheimer
165TulsaCary Morin
166Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of BeerRory Block
167What I DoChris Smither
168Lord's Prayer BluesSean Poluk
169Ditty Wah DittyMick Kolassa
170I Don't MindSean Poluk
171Step It Up and GoAndy Cohen
172Puffin' That StuffAndy Cohen
173Bob Dylan's DreamAndy Cohen
174Death Don't Have No MercyAndy Cohen
175I Will Play for GumboSauce Boss
176The U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile (Live)Sonny Landreth
177Your Head's Too BigCatfish Keith
178Blues Attack (Live)Sonny Landreth
179Riley and SpencerAndy Cohen
180Creole Angel (Live)Sonny Landreth
181Funny Feeling BluesRichard Ray Farrell
182It's All RightMark Telesca
183Dearest DarlingColin Linden & Luther Dickinson
184Hold on (Live over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016)The Reverend Shawn Amos
185Hey Hey HeyChris Smither
186Triflin' Preacher BluesRichard Ray Farrell
187Butch Holler StompTerry Robb
188Ice ManRichard Ray Farrell
189Confessin' My DuesTerry Robb
190Jump That TrainBrooks Williams
191Lover Dance with MeSonny Landreth
192Crossroad BluesRory Block
193Blue Delta HomeCary Morin
194Big RiverTony Cuchetti & Joe Flip
195Honey Bee, Sail onBobby Rush
196Bare TreesCary Morin
197Everything's RightRichard Ray Farrell
198Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin'Mark Telesca
199Three Times the BluesTerry Robb
200How Long BluesMark Telesca

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